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Woman identified in ‘sex tapes’


No official statement has been given by the Unity Labour Party (ULP) in relation to a voice recording released this week of a sexually explicit conversation allegedly between a high ranking member of the ULP and a 26-year-old mother of two.

That recording was one of three ‘sex tapes’ that began making the rounds here on Monday via social media.{{more}}

The tapes surfaced just two days after Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves announced the election date and asked for the gutter politics to stop, while urging the politicians under his charge to embrace positive political stances.

The tapes were first released on Facebook, via a medium called Soundcloud, but were removed hours after, but not before persons had downloaded the recordings and began sharing them via social media applications like Blackberry Messenger (BBM) and WhatsApp.

However, on Tuesday, ULP spokesperson Joseph Burns Bonadie, speaking on the ‘Shake Up’ radio programme on We FM said that the ‘sex tape’ that has been making the rounds has taken the country by surprise.

Bonadie identified the female voice on the tape and said that the tape was hatched in the highest echelons of persons who oppose the Unity Labour Party (ULP).

He said after the tape was released, the woman left St Vincent on Sunday, on a LIAT flight accompanied by one Derrick Hadaway, and travelled to St Kitts, where they are “holed up in a hotel.”

He said information reaching St Vincent and the Grenadines states that when the duo arrived in St Kitts, they were picked up by a company that deals with economic citizenship, and has an office in St Kitts.

“You will recall that the leader of the opposition said that he would introduce in this country economic citizenship and it is no coincidence that that particular company operating out of St Kitts would be hosting these two people who are now there,” said Bonadie.

The talk show host also revealed that the mother of the young woman in question works with attorney Maia Eustace, the daughter of the leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP) Arnhim Eustace.

“Now Derrick Hadaway is the nephew of Vynnette Frederick and I give you these details because both of them left here on Sunday. They sat on the LIAT flight seat 12B … and seat 12A … and they checked in the hotel in St Kitts in the same room,” revealed Bonadie.

Vynnette Frederick is the public relations officer of the NDP.

He added, “I give you that information, because if you cannot go to the electorate with a programme and a plan for the upcoming election, you brought several people here to get traction, so this is a plot planned in the highest quarters in this country. You have to add and put one and one together.”

Bonadie asked, “How is it that a woman puts a tape out and next day is on her way to St Kitts staying in a hotel accompanied; I don’t know if is her boyfriend?

“… but we live in this country and we know. Remember I tell you her mother works with … Arnhim Eustace daughter.

“So I give you that piece of information because those supporters of the ULP know quite well that on the basis of public opinion polls and on the basis of what you have recognized is that Dr the Honourable Ralph Gonsalves is the best leader we have and that the government of the ULP will be returned to office.

“The supporters of the ULP have to be more resolute and we the people put on your thinking cap and realize and recognize that there is nothing that they can say against the ULP programmes in this country.”

On Wednesday, Maia Eustace said that she had no comment on the issue, while her father said that the NDP also would not comment on the tapes.

“Let Ralph deal with that,” said the NDP president. The NDP’s vice-president St Clair Leacock also refused to comment.

Prime minister and ULP political leader Dr Ralph Gonsalves, when contacted on Wednesday, also declined our invitation to comment.(LC)