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LIME gives Botanic Gardens facelift

LIME gives  Botanic  Gardens facelift


“I am really impressed to see these office folks on their hands and knees, in the dirt and hot sun working so hard. I really didn’t expect this!” declared Pamela Pompey, the technical supervisor of the Botanic Gardens, after inspecting the work done by the LIME team.

This was just one of the activities completed, as LIME celebrated their ‘Mission Day’ last Thursday, October 29.{{more}}

Not only did the telecommunications giant close its doors, but all members of staff embarked on a selfless journey for the entire day.

First, the team congregated and discussed their values and how they can better serve their thousands of customers. Then they travelled to the Botanic Gardens, the oldest in the western hemisphere, to complete their community service activity.

Pompey said she was thrilled when LIME offered their assistance.

“I was pleasantly surprised when Miss Campbell called, because we really need the help. As the tourist season is right around the corner, we really wanted to revive the famous Hibiscus Alley and give the entrance bridge a facelift.”

Pompey further admitted that there is much work to be done, but her team is sometimes not physically able to do it all and working without proper tools poses an additional challenge.

LIME donated over $2,500 in tools that day and went to work on cultivating the ground for the planting of the hibiscus, raked the lawn and scraped then painted the entrance bridge.

Country manager Wayne Hull was part of the hard-working team assigned to the Hibiscus Alley. He commented “we are happy to be able to assist the Gardens and we look forward to doing many more projects of this nature as part of our corporate responsibility to this country.”

The entire management and staff echoed these sentiments.