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Courts launches pre Black Friday campaign


Beginning today, November 6, and running until November 27, customers of furniture, optical and appliance Courts St Vincent Limited can take advantage of the store’s latest campaign, dubbed ‘Black Jack,’ as the store prepares for the Black Friday shopping extravaganza.

During the campaign, customers can earn points when they pull cards, similar to the popular Black Jack card game.{{more}}

With every purchase, cash or credit, the customer is guaranteed a chance to dip for a card, which will reveal a number of points.

Persons making cash purchases would get a chance to dip one card, while a credit purchase would ensure two cards to the customer.

Customers earning 21 points would be eligible for an additional 21 per cent off already reduced prices of purchases made on Black Friday, November 27.

Shoppers also have the option of trading their cards with family and friends, in order to make up the 21 points, so that they can take advantage of the Black Friday deals.

Of course, with every credit purchase shoppers have the option of paying nothing down and nothing to pay until February 2016.

Courts St Vincent has over the years been the retail store for the best Black Friday shopping deals in St Vincent and the Grenadines, and this year is no exception, because apart from the Black Jack campaign, shoppers can look forward to being greeted with the lowest prices on furniture, appliances and electronics, when the doors open on Friday, November 27.