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Vincentian Cultural Arts Diaspora Organization in the making

Vincentian Cultural Arts Diaspora Organization in the making


A consultation was held last Saturday, October 31, at the Friends of Crown Heights, with the intent of forming a Vincentian Cultural Arts Diaspora Organization.

Commissioned by the Diaspora Committee, the soon to be established committee has as its main objectives the development of St Vincent and the Grenadines Cultural Arts in the US,{{more}} through the creation of opportunities for Vincentians in the cultural arts, to ensure that they benefit from their work financially.

Additionally, the committee will be seeking to provide a forum to promote unity and education through programmes, events, workshops and seminars.

The event saw various components of culture, such as cultural groups, DJs, promoters, artistes and other cultural enthusiasts.

Presentations, discussions and performances preceded the formation of a steering committee which will work on the development of the Cultural Arts Association.

Also in attendance at last Saturday’s consultation was consul general Selmon Walters, who paid tribute to our cultural ambassadors residing in the diaspora and pledged his support to the association once formed.

The steering committee which comprises Cauldric Forbes, Busta Neverson, Des Marie Greenaway, Francesa Sam, Alex Kwabena Colon, and Brenton ‘Pure Mystics’ Charles, will convene again in January to provide an update on progress to date.(RT)