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Don’t hold any animosity towards van driver – father

Don’t hold any animosity towards van driver – father


Garnet “Azzie” Browne, father of Cunjah Garnet Browne the nine-year-old who was killed in a minibus accident two weeks ago has pleaded with persons to forgive the van driver Richard Bardoo.

Browne’s plea came on yesterday at his son’s funeral, which was held on the Redemption Sharpes Playing Field.

“One of the thing that make me feel real happy too is when I forgive that driver,” said Browne,{{more}} a statement that was followed by thunderous applause from persons gathered to pay their final respects to Cunjah.

“Since I did that, It brought peace in me heart, I think Cunjah woulda love that because the driver and Cunjah was real brethren. I think me child would have love that, so the only thing I could give to him is bring peace with the driver, so I don’t want anyone else to have no animosity against him,” stressed Browne.

“Everybody know Cunjah was everything I had. I did me job as a father. It’s a real hard thing,” he said, reminding the congregation that he had raised Cunjah from a six-month baby to the time he passed. Browne said that no one had negative remarks about his son, because he was disciplined.

Browne almost broke down in tears as he thanked persons for being there for him and his son.

“…the love and the compassion that people pour out that is what does keep me, so continue the love,” said the Rastafarian in the tribute to his son while adding “I did really love me yute man, is the only thing I ever had.”

Browne expressed his joy in the turn out at Cunjah’s funeral, which saw scores of persons including family members and persons from the surrounding areas attending. He also extended his gratitude to the teachers and students from Cunjah’s school, the Lodge Village Government School and Redemption Sharpes, Cunjah’s hometown.

Also present was Browne’s friend and Central Kingstown parliamentary representative St Clair ‘Major’ Leacock who paid tribute to Cunjah with stories of when he was alive and expressed thanks to persons present at the ceremony.

“I couldn’t deal with it” Leacock said, describing what he saw when he arrived at the horrific scene at Lodge Village.

In giving praise to Browne, Leacock recalled when Browne forgave the driver.

“When he went to the barracks and he embraced the driver, Richard, I knew that was a further measure of the strength and character of the person that even in the middle of his own grief, he could find forgiveness,” he added, further describing Browne as a hero and principled person. (AS)