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Opposition makes rare appearance at Independence Day Parade

Opposition makes rare appearance at Independence  Day Parade


Members on the Opposition side of the House of Assembly and candidates for the New Democratic Party (NDP) in the upcoming general election have finally heeded the call of that party’s vice-president St Clair Leacock to attend the annual Independence parade.

In quite an unusual occurence, at least nine members of the NDP top brass turned out for the parade, {{more}}which was held at the Victoria Park on October 27.

Among those present were Leader of the Opposition and NDP head man Arnhim Eustace; Central Kingstown representative St Clair Leacock; South Leeward representative Nigel ‘Nature’ Stephenson; Marriaqua candidate Curtis Bowman; Dr Jules Ferdinand of West St George; Dr Linton Lewis of East St George; North Central Windward’s Kenroy Johnson; South Central Windward’s Addison ‘Bash’ Thomas; and Lauron ‘Sharer’ Baptiste of North Windward.

The NDP representatives, except for Leacock, are usually noticeably absent from the annual parade held to mark the nation’s birthday.

Back in 2013, Leacock had called on his colleages to attend the function, but they were again absent in 2014.

Leacock had expressed the view that all persons who wish to lead the nation should attend the annual Independence celebrations at Victoria Park.

He had made the statement while delivering congratulatory remarks in the House of Assembly.

“I was at the parade at the [Victoria] Park and I implore all members of the Parliament to drop whatever they’re doing and find themselves at the Victoria Park when our nation is celebrating Independence,” he had said, while he had also stressed, “Independence and nation building is a serious exercise…and those of us who want to lead the nation must demonstrate that when the occasion presents itself. That’s how I feel about it.”

Also present at the parade, which marked this country’s 36th anniversary of Independence, were leader of the Democratic Republican Party (DRP) Anesia Baptiste and Leader of the Green Party Ivan O’Neal.