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Bowman wins Independence calypso title in New York

Bowman wins Independence calypso title in New York


With his rendition of “Take care of SVG,” Dennis Bowman copped the title of 2015 Independence Calypso King last Friday night at Cafe Omar in Brooklyn, New York.

Bowman got the nod of Cyril ‘Scorcher’ Thomas, Vincent Harry and Philip Nicholas, who placed John ‘The Truth’ Dougan, with his number “For a brighter future”, into second place. Docking in third was ‘Detector’ who sang “Welcome to SVG”.{{more}}

The other competitors were Jakie, Stryker and Groovy D, who seemed unprepared, as he sang from a script.

Two persons who were listed to perform, Exposer and Brother Don, did not compete.

President of the Dynamites tent Ainsley Primus, speaking after the show, expressed his disappointment with some of the members and their tardiness in getting prepared for competition.

According to Primus the members always wait until the last minute to prepare their songs, hence oftentimes they are ill-prepared on the night of the show.

Guest artistes for the show were Carlos “Rejector” Providence, D Man Age and St Lucian Fireman Mitch.(RT)