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Adult Education organization celebrates 4th anniversary


October 18 marked four years since the People’s Academy for Living and Service (PALS) commenced classes for persons interested in upgrading themselves academically. Its adult education component was in response to a request from residents of the Villa-Fountain Hill community for relevant programmes. Following a series of meetings, classes began in a house in Villa next to the home of the founder Mike Browne.{{more}}

PALS holds the view that “The right to education is a universal human right. Every human being should be provided with, at the very least, a fundamental education to include functional literacy and numeracy.”

The organization has as its objectives: a) providing education to the population, b) conducting advocacy and other services, c) offering support to its members and d) engaging in community activities.

With the involvement of participants from a growing number of communities, PALS moved its classes from Villa to the West St George Secondary School, where they are held on Tuesday afternoon. Three programmes are offered: a) Basic Education; b) Functional Education; and c) Caribbean Certificate for Secondary Level Competence (CCSLC).

The Basic Education programme addresses the fundamentals of reading, writing and mathematics, whilst the Functional Education course provides the participant with the skills necessary for operating in society (reading newspapers, filling in forms, doing money transactions, etc). The CCSLC programme provides certification in English and is roughly equivalent to Form 3 work in the secondary school system.

Learners in the PALS programme do not pay fees. However, they are encouraged to provide service to the various communities, reflecting the name of the organization. Such activities, which have included cleaning and road-paving, are designed to inculcate a commitment to community-building.

On the occasion of its fourth anniversary, PALS salutes the many learners who have benefited from its programmes, tutors whose dedication is to be admired, the Board members, and supporters, including the CWSA, which contributes financially and the Division of Adult and Continuing Education. PALS looks forward to another productive year.

On this 8oth anniversary of the 1935 UPRISING which led to the democratization of our Vincentian society, PALS remembers and pays tribute to those who gave their lives and blood for the freedoms that we enjoy today! (Contributed by Leroy Rock, Public Relations Officer/Board member)