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More needs to be done to ensure students’ safety – Head teacher


The head teacher of the Lodge Village Government School (LVGS) wants more to be done to ensure the safety of everyone who travels on the roads in the Lodge Village area.

June Russell made the call on Tuesday, one day after two of her pupils were involved in a motor vehicular accident that left one of them dead and the other seriously injured.{{more}}

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT, Russell said although she speaks to pupils about road safety and often employs the services of police wardens to assist in this regard, more can be done.

“We would like to see them put back the speed bumps, because we once had; we would like to see the van drivers stop speeding, because they do speed. I don’t know if they were speeding yesterday, but they do speed and also probably a traffic cop at 3, if it is possible. I know the police have a lot to do, but they do come in from time to time to check on us, but if they could station somebody there every afternoon, that should help.”

According to an eye witness to the incident, minivan HN113, driven by Richard Bardoo of Fountain, struck and ran over six-year-old Gabriel James, who was in the road just outside the school on Monday afternoon. After striking the girl, the Toyota Hiace van swerved and the head of nine-year-old Cunjah Browne, which was reportedly sticking out of the back left-hand window of the minivan, struck an electricity pole on the left side of the road.

Cunjah died on the spot, while Gabriel remains hospitalized at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

Police say Bardoo, 29, is assisting police with the investigation into the accident.

There have been 10 fatal road accidents this year, which have resulted in the death of 18 persons.