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Attorney credits accomplishments to her mother

Attorney credits accomplishments to her mother


“Look, mommy, we are here!”

At her admission to the Bar of the OECS to practise as a lawyer and solicitor, Ashelle Morgan paid tribute to her mother Cutelyn Morgan, from whom she said she learned the meaning of strength, independence, resilience and tenacity.

In her first address to the court on October 15, the Diamond resident said her call represented closure to the arduous journey of becoming an attorney.{{more}}

“There were days when I doubted not only my intellectual capacity, but also my sanity for choosing this profession.

“However, I stand here today on the shoulders of those whose hard work, sacrifice, acts of kindness and encouragement have made it possible for me to be here,” the petite Morgan said, describing the occasion as one of the happiest days of her life.

Reflecting on her journey to becoming an attorney, the former national scholar said she was empowered by her mother’s struggles in life.

“…My mother embarked on her university education when she was 50 years of age. My mother’s ship never came in, so she realized that she had to swim out in order to secure a better future for her and her children.”

Morgan disclosed that although her mother did not go to secondary school, that never became a stumbling block.

“…She placed a high premium on education, because she knew that this was the key to taking us out of poverty. My earliest memories are of me and my sister tagging along, attending evening classes with her as she got her CXC passes one by one.

“I know that as a poor woman with the primary responsibility of caring for her children, it could not have been easy; I know that she must have worried about making ends meet; I know that she must have been tired after a long day of work; I imagine that she would have been frustrated by her own personal disappointments; but she was undaunted and fearless,” Morgan said.

Overcome by emotion, Morgan sobbed and had to pause intermittently during her speech, as she spoke about her mother’s contribution to her life and success.

She added that her mother could have taken a different route to success, but did not.

“She could have done illegal or unsavoury things, but she did not. I have seen her swallow her pride many times, but I have never, ever seen her compromise her morals or her integrity.

“Numerous times when we hit rock bottom, my mother would say very enthusiastically ‘Ok, well we reach the worst now; things can’t get any worse than this.’ Those words reassured us and gave us the determination to press on… And bit by bit, it has gotten better. Look, mommy, we are here!”

The young attorney said despite her mother’s financial struggles and personal disappointments, today her mother is a university graduate and a homeowner.

“She is a testament to what happens when you have faith and believe in the power of your dreams,” a proud Morgan said.

She also thanked her father, Ashley Caine, for his sacrifice over the years and noted that he was the one who sparked her love of books.

“I thank you for that foundation because it has widened my imagination and fostered a spirit of curiosity. At an early age you encouraged me to ‘suck the marrow from the bone of life’ and that I will continue to do.”

Morgan also promised to act in the best interest of her clients, to represent them honestly, competently, zealously and endeavour by all fair and honourable means to obtain for them the benefit of any and every remedy and defence which is authorized by law.

The young attorney’s application to the court was presented by Theodore Browne, seconded by Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves and presided over by Justice Brian Cottle. Her call was witnessed by her parents, other relatives and friends at the High Court in Kingstown.

Morgan, a former student of the Girls’ High School and A Level College, attained her Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Political Science at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, in 2007 and followed up with a law degree in 2013, at the same university.

The former national scholar completed her Legal Education Certificate in 2015 at the Hugh Wooding Law School, in Trinidad and Tobago.

She expressed gratitude to the Prime Minister, attorney Theodore Browne, Attorney General Judith Jones-Morgan, Director of Public Prosecutions Colin Williams, Crown Counsel Karim Nelson, Jonathan Lewis, Pearl Lynch, Doris McIntosh, Alison Sutherland, Descima Alexander Hamilton, Ranelle Roberts and Mikhail Charles.

She thanked her family and friends for their support throughout her journey.

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