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UWI students receive bursaries from Mustique Charitable Trust

UWI students receive bursaries from Mustique Charitable Trust


Three students have received bursaries from the Mustique Charitable Trust, which will cover a significant portion of their academic fees to pursue undergraduate studies at the University of the West Indies (UWI) Open Campus (St Vincent and the Grenadines).

Last Thursday, October 15, Camellier Bobb, Keshron King and Shemroy Roberts were officially presented with their bursaries by Lavinia Gunn, administrator of the Mustique Charitable Trust.{{more}}

Bobb will be studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Education and Literacy; King, a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting; and Roberts, a Bachelor’s in Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Gunn explained that the Trust is “very pleased” that it continues to play an important role in tertiary education in St Vincent and the Grenadines, and congratulated the recipients on being chosen out of 51 applicants.

“To narrow it down to three was very difficult. But one of the criteria we have for selecting students is that you have already demonstrated – through your work or through your studies at school – that you are prepared to give back or have been giving back to the communities in which you live,” she explained.

In her address, Gunn acknowledged that embarking on higher education can be a challenging pursuit, but encouraged the recipients to persevere.

She also explained that a mentoring programme has been established since the bursary programme was introduced five years ago.

“We have found that, in the past, students have experienced a number of problems, some of which were insurmountable,” she admitted.

“Fortunately, since we’ve introduced the monitoring programme, the success rate and the level of comfort of the students has been enhanced considerably.”

Gunn further appealed: “We do ask you that whatever your challenges, no matter how small, please use the mentoring system.”

She also mentioned the ‘study buddy’ system, and urged the students to make good use of that, too, over the course of their studies.

“Good luck in your studies, and just apply yourself as well as you can!”

Also delivering brief remarks was Deborah Dalrymple, head of the UWI Open Campus (SVG).

Dalrymple commended the recipients on being chosen, and assured them that the institution will support them in any way possible throughout their studies.

“This is no small feat… this is the best bursary I have ever had the privilege of being involved in, because very often, bursaries are a one-off,” she noted.

“For this to be a bursary of the type it is – where you can be covered for the period of your study – I think is quite remarkable.”

Explaining that the UWI Open Campus promotes life-long learning, Dalrymple added: “We’ve been trying very hard to bring the university to the people… and it is also a pleasure to welcome corporate assistance to what we do.”

Each bursary from the Trust covers 60 per cent of each recipient’s academic fees, and the remaining 40 per cent is the responsibility of the bursary holder.

The Trust also provides the recipients with a laptop, which becomes theirs, once they have remained in the programme of study for at least two years.

Also present at the ceremony was Ronnie Daniel, marketing assistant (UWI Open Campus) and Camille Lakhram, senior administrative assistant (UWI Open Campus). (JSV)