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NDP knows ULP is going to win – Prince

NDP knows ULP is going to win – Prince


Former head of the Agency for Public Information (API) Jimmy Prince, who will replace Minister of Education Girlyn Miguel as the Unity Labour Party (ULP) candidate in the Marriaqua constituency, says that he has no doubt that his party, the ULP, is going to make it, “four in a row for sure.”

Speaking at the launch of the ULP’s East St George campaign office in Calliaqua on Friday night, Prince said that not only does the ULP know that they are going to win elections for a fourth consecutive term,{{more}} the New Democratic Party (NDP) knows this also.

“Marriaqua is a sure win for Labour; we know that and they know that. The NDP has been talking foolishness, a lot of drama, no substance,” said Prince who also used his time at the podium to endorse senator Camillo Gonsalves, who will contest the next general elections in East St George, replacing the ULP’s Clayton Burgin.

Prince described Gonsalves as “one of the most brilliant envoys” this country has ever sent to the United Nations (UN) and stressed that the NDP’s assertion that Camillo is “a foreigner” is nonsensical.

Gonsalves, who was born in the United States, has renounced his citizenship to be part of the ULP’s team in the next general elections and Prince said that the transition from Burgin to Gonsalves in East St George has been extremely smooth.

Prince, a journalist by profession, said that the NDP’s description of Gonsalves as a foreigner is contradictory, as they are the same party that, a few weeks ago, were asking Vincentians to embrace the Garifuna people who were exiled from here by the English.

“In Carriere the other night, they talk so much stupidness that even the neighbourhood dogs suck they teeth; is a good thing they (the dogs) been there, so they made up the numbers”, quipped Prince.(LC)