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Hardships worse since 2010 general election – Stephenson

Hardships worse since 2010 general election – Stephenson


Representative for South Leeward, Nigel ‘Nature’ Stephenson is of the view that the hardships experienced by residents of Central Leeward prior to the 2010 general elections have worsened since that time.

“In 2010, Central Leeward, to my mind, … did something that was very generous to the ruling ULP (Unity Labour Party). On election day, for one reason or the other, Central Leeward ensured that the ULP scrape through.{{more}}

“We would have thought that if Central Leeward was the constituency that was responsible for giving the ULP a new lease on life, because they were destined to die naturally, a political death, but you have extended their shelf life and we would have thought that the Government would have paid their gratitude to the people of Central Leeward,” Stephenson told supporters at an NDP rally in Keartons on October 3.

He said prior to 2010, Buccament, Layou, Barrouallie, Keartons and parts of Cane Grove knew what it was like to wake up on a daily basis without any prospect of finding a job.

“That was prior to 2010. You knew what it was like being unable to feed your children. You knew what it was like being unable to send your children to school. You know what it was like whenever VINLEC roll up in the neighbourhood, you know for sure that your electricity was gone…”

He said the quality of life for the people of Central Leeward was very low at that time.

“You know what it is like. You understood the hardships you experienced prior to 2010 elections. However, you went out and you voted the ULP and gave them a slender one-seat majority in government.

“So, because of your generosity, I personally would have thought and I am absolutely sure the residents of Central Leeward would have thought, well, the ULP administration would have returned the favour, because you would have gone to the polls and ensure they got a third term,” he said.

According to the Opposition lawmaker, after voters ensured the ULP’s third term in office, constituents were only repaid with the same circumstances they faced prior to the general elections. However, he stated, they are now far worse.

He urged residents of the area to support NDP Central Leeward candidate Ben Exeter, who he said, if elected, will give proper representation and not be a representative that is deemed useless.

“One who will work relentlessly to ensure that there’s a better quality of life for every constituent of Central Leeward… Vote a candidate who is destined to make life for you better,” Stephenson pleaded.

The ULP narrowly won the 2010 elections by eight seats to seven. One of the last seats to be declared was Central Leeward, where the ULP’s Maxwell Charles edged past the NDP’s Norrell Hull, 2,290 votes to 2,140.(KW)