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‘Girlyn Miguel failed her constituents’

‘Girlyn Miguel failed her constituents’


The parliamentary representative for Marriaqua has come under scathing criticism for the way in which she has represented the constituency.

Advira Bennett, who once contended for the Marriaqua seat on a New Democratic Party (NDP) ticket, said that in her 14 years of parliamentary representation, Girlyn Miguel has failed her constituents.{{more}}

“She disrespecting the people of Marriaqua,” lamented Bennett, as she spoke at an NDP rally in Mesopotamia last Saturday.

“Marriaqua really gone through… I don’t know why they didn’t fire her long time! Are you better off today than 14 years ago? Absolutely not! So, it’s time to make a change.”

Referring to Curtis Bowman, the present NDP candidate for Marriaqua, Bennett asserted: “He will do what she [Miguel] is not doing!”

Bowman also spoke at the rally and echoed Bennett’s sentiments of Miguel being an ineffective representative.

He asserted that the biggest problems afflicting his constituency are roads (and other infrastructure) in need of serious repair, a decline in agricultural production (in particular, bananas), and youth unemployment.

“Mrs Miguel has failed us for 14 and a half years!” insisted Bowman.

“Marriaqua has the worst roads in St Vincent and the Grenadines… and the worst roads in living memory!”

He outlined that with so many roads and bridges in the area being in such a dilapidated state, the few repairs that the Government has undertaken recently amount to nothing more than “cosmetic surgery”.

Bowman also said that once the NDP wins the general elections, it will ensure that all of the roads and bridges are fixed properly.

Moreover, he praised Bernard Wyllie, a former NDP parliamentary representative for Marriaqua, for the progress he made during his time.

“Bernard Wyllie had a list of roads to be completed in Marriaqua here… but unfortunately, he was voted out of power. Bernard Wyllie did miracles when it comes to road in St Vincent and the Grenadines and in Marriaqua,” contended Bowman.

“I am asking you, the people of Marriaqua, to vote for me, so I can continue the work of Bernard Wyllie!” (JSV)