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Fire destroys section of ULP South Leeward constituency office

Fire destroys section of ULP South Leeward constituency office


By sometime later this week, the section of the Unity Labour Party’s (ULP) South Leeward constituency office that was destroyed by fire should be rebuilt.

ULP general secretary Julian Francis told SEARCHLIGHT last Friday that with the cooperation of police, he will, in five days, rebuild the section of the building that was destroyed.{{more}}

The building caught fire late last Thursday night and according to police, the fire completely destroyed the upstairs wooden structure that was used as a bar and waiting area, while the lower concrete half which houses the constituency office remained undamaged.

Last Friday, ULP candidate for South Leeward Senator Jomo Thomas was spotted assessing the damage to the property, but was unavailable for comment when approached by SEARCHLIGHT.

Residents of the area told SEARCHLIGHT that they only became aware of the fire when they came out of their houses and saw the blaze.

The Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force (RSVPF), in a press release dated October 16, stated that the cause of the fire that occurred on the property owned by Robert Cottle, who is deceased, is still unknown.

Police are still conducting investigations.(AS)