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Williams is longest serving teacher at PVS

Williams is longest serving teacher at PVS


Anita Williams is the longest serving teacher at the Petersville Primary School, having been there for some 42 years.

“As long as God gives me health and strength, I will be here. I am enjoying it, that’s why I stayed here so long,” said Williams on Wednesday from the school’s Lower Kingstown Park base.{{more}}

The school celebrated 50 years of existence on October 6 this year.

“I feel proud about being a long serving teacher. There were a lot of ups and downs, good and bad,” said the dedicated teacher.

Williams, who teaches Mathematics, English, Reading, Spelling, Dictation, Science and Social Studies in grade two, said that when she started at Petersville, there were 175 students. She said also that in those days, students were more disciplined and easier to control.

“Children in those days were more disciplined and would take their work more seriously. Now you have to push behind these students to get their work done,” said Williams with a smile.

She said that she became a teacher to fulfil a promise to her mother.

“When I was younger at home, my mom always asked us what we wanted to do and I would always say a teacher, so I wanted to maintain the promise.”

Over the years, Williams said that a number of exceptional students passed through her classes. Some of the more memorable students were lawyer Nicole Sylvester (deceased), lawyer Lyndon George, Dr Jennifer George and bankers Ronald Veira and Alicia Bess. Pastor Paul Duncan was also mentioned.

She said that Petersville offers “teaching with a difference.”

“We are different, because we are private and we maintain a good standard and try our best to mould the children to the best of our ability. We work with both slow students and students who are quick to learn; we pay attention to all and we insist that everyone learns. This school is also very safe and we lock our gates,” noted Williams.

She added, “congratulations to Petersville and I thank Edna Peters and Roslyn Peters for all the years they have afforded me the opportunity to give my services.”

Some teachers who have passed through the school include Roslyn Wilson and Pamela James, while Kereitha David has been there for 35 years; both Alvin Veira and Elizabeth Kelly (deputy headmistress) have been teaching at Petersville for 34 years.

Headmistress at the school Roslyn Peters also recognizes Mary Jackson as the longest serving parent, “who has given yeomen service to the school” and the late Beryl Baptiste, “who has made an extremely valuable contribution.”