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Digicel treats staff to MOTIV8 session at Buccament Bay Resort


The staff of Digicel were treated to the company sponsored MOTIV8 session on Wednesday, October 7 at the Buccament Bay Resort. With over 100 participants, Digicel team members, which included the newly recruited call centre staff, were treated to a full day, focusing on personal and professional well-being.

Motiv8 has worked with teams across many performance crucibles and have created a process and a system that enables a team to move from being average to high performing.{{more}} From their experience, they know that building a high performance team is not an art form, but a science. They brought their scientific approach to Digicel St Vincent and the Grenadines to significantly shift the needle in the team’s performance.

“Today, many organizations are implementing key initiatives in personal energy management and wellness at work, in an effort to sustain peak performance and increase morale, motivation and productivity,” says Michelle Thomas, Human Resources administrator for Digicel St Vincent and the Grenadines. “Health and wellness programmes positively impact the culture at work; employees become much more motivated and productive when they know that their employer cares about their total quality of life.

“As Digicel grows in size and complexity, we want to enable employees to manage their energy, and performance to peak effectiveness. The overall objective is to implement a 12-month sustainable programme, using internal champions and local suppliers to ensure that the initiatives are sustained over the forthcoming year. This initiative certainly puts Digicel at the forefront in driving positive company wellness and employee engagement,” she added.

Team Motiv8 specializes in high performance team development, resilience, mental toughness, high performance coaching and energy for high performance. “If your physical well-being is not being managed, you are unlikely to achieve your potential in any aspect of your life.” Says Martin Garvey, COO and one of the coaches working with the Digicel St Vincent and the Grenadines team. “We have worked with teams such as Microsoft, Intel, and myself and the entire Motiv8 team are extremely grateful for the strong input and support during our time in SVG with the DigiFam. It was without doubt one of the most enjoyable and humbling experiences we have had in a Digicel market,” he ended.