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NDP sees ROC as important partner

NDP sees ROC as important partner


The New Democratic Party (NDP) sees the Republic of China (ROC) on Taiwan as a very important and worthy partner in the development of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Chair of the New Democratic Party (NDP) Dr Linton Lewis said last Thursday that his party, seeing the importance of the Republic of China (ROC) on Taiwan, will always seek to continue relations with that country{{more}}

“The NDP continues to see Taiwan as a very important and worthy partner. We will continue our diplomatic relations with you and continue to support you in your endeavours, whether at the United Nations or elsewhere and we want to make that resoundingly and abundantly clear,” said Lewis on October 8 at the Methodist Church Hall in Kingstown, during the local celebrations held to mark the 104th National Day of the ROC on Taiwan.

Congratulating the Taiwanese on what he sees as, “a remarkable achievement and one that we hope you will continue to experience in many more years to come”, the NDP politician said that the NDP believes that this country should continue to forge close alliances with distinct governments and countries throughout the world who share our diplomatic appreciation of human rights, good governance, transparency and accountability.

“…But there is something very special about Taiwan because Taiwan and St Vincent appear to travel a very similar historical journey,” said Lewis who noted that both Taiwan and SVG were occupied by foreigners, while our similarities also extend to our ethnic composition.

“My being here today is ample testimony of the NDP’s continued appreciation of the work Taiwan has been doing in SVG,” said the Opposition senator, stressing that the NDP will deepen and widen its ties with Taiwan if given the opportunity to serve in government.

He added that Taiwan is one of the largest economies in the world. “and we hope we can use you as an example to develop.”

The gathering also heard from Minister of Foreign Affairs senator Camillo Gonsalves and Taiwanese Ambassador to SVG Baushuan Ger. Persons gathered in celebration of the 104th anniversary included president of the Bar Association René Baptiste, former Minister of Foreign Affairs Louis Straker, Commissioner of Police Michael Charles and Assistant Commissioner of Police Frankie Joseph.(LC)