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‘Learning for Living’ offering opportunities for young adults

‘Learning for Living’ offering opportunities for young adults


Vincentians now have additional means by which to further their education and gain career skills.

Last Tuesday, Learning For Living launched ‘NexGen Essentials’, which is an evening programme, designed to equip youth (and willing adults) with a variety of technical and career skills considered to be essentials for the life and work of the next generation.{{more}}

Kimsha Williams, managing director of Learning For Living, stated that while they mainly cater to students in secondary school through an after-school student support programme, her team continues to observe the needs of college age and older young people who were out of school and not currently employed.

According to the young entrepreneur, a large number of our nation’s youth were unsuccessful in their application to the Community College or for traditional jobs, or had completed their tertiary education and were looking for a short or long-term solution to set them up for further studies or to provide employment.

Williams further stated that NexGen would offer students new opportunities for improving their existing computer skills, building their resume and to market themselves. Youth can also use NexGen to develop a new hobby which could generate new income or as a springboard to jumpstart a new career or start their own business.

Students can choose from three NexGen Essential packages: NexGen Basic Essentials, NexGen Pro Essentials and NexGen Tech Essentials, as well as they can choose to sign up for a single course. Each course will run for three to four weeks, with six contact hours weekly.

The courses on offer include: English Fundamentals (CSEC Top-Up), Basic Mathematics (CSEC Top-Up), Computing Essentials, Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Design, Computer Hardware, Maintenance and Repairs, Computer Programming I, Computer Programming II, Job Readiness and Entrepreneurship. Registration begins on October 19th and classes are expected to start on November 9th, 2015.

Learning For Living is located on the second floor of the Sprott Brothers Building and has been in operation for the last two years.