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Happy SVG video crosses 100,000 hit mark


The producers of the “Happy SVG” video have a lot to be happy about themselves, after their 2014 effort became one of the few Vincentian music videos to cross the 100,000 hit mark.

Up to yesterday, the video, one of the many spin-offs from the Pharrell Williams’ Grammy Award winning song “Happy,” had been viewed 101,050 times since being posted on social media site Youtube.{{more}}

Alexei Crichton, who produced the video, along with Jeremie Tronet and Calvert Jones, said they are proud of the accomplishment and since its release, the video has had some remarkable moments.

“From Pharrell Williams Creative Organization tweeting the video, to the video being showcased at events in Miami, USA, Milan, Italy and London, England; I would say that our video has made the rounds around the world, giving St Vincent and the Grenadines some much needed positive publicity,” Crichton, who is also the video’s executive producer said.

“The reviews have been great for the most part, and I think that this Happy SVG video is one of the productions that Vincentians here at home and abroad can be very proud of,” he added.

Happy SVG was produced in November 2014 and features tourism sites around the country, with locals and visitors participating in happy dances, while Williams’ song plays in the background.

Charles indicated that a vast majority of the video was produced thanks to the contribution of a number of individuals, groups and businesses, whom he said saw the vision of creating St Vincent and the Grenadines’ very own Happy video.

Dozens of other countries also produced Happy videos, which were posted on Youtube over the past year.

“I think this is another opportunity to thank all those who contributed in some way to this production, including the videographers and cameramen, the police force, models, dancers and many others, who gave of their time freely to make this video a reality.

“We hope to have another thousand or so hits after persons who have not yet seen the video, read this article,” Crichton joked.