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ULP are like abusers – Vynnette Frederick


Public relations officer for the New Democratic Party (NDP) Vynnette Frederick has described the Government’s behaviour as that of an abuser.{{more}}

Speaking at an NDP rally in Keartons last weekend, an upbeat Frederick told party supporters that the ruling Unity Labour Party (ULP) administration is hoping that the youth will help in the their quest for a fourth consecutive term in office.

“And young people, the ULP is betting that they could hold on to you, bamboozle you, get you to go to the polls and pull out your vote. One thing they are correct about, the young people of SVG will also be responsible for electing the next government that will lead SVG and that government will be an NDP government,” Frederick said as supporters waved placards and shouted, “We want Arnhim.”

The opposition senator said many of the nation’s youth only know of a ULP government and with the government’s behaviour, they think it’s something “normal”.

“So, the hard times that you and your parents are feeling, the kind of schizophrenic government that we’ve been having, you have been thinking that that is normal because it’s the only thing you know.

“So you feel it’s normal that the roads can’t get paved; it’s normal that they don’t have psychiatrist in the mental home; it’s normal that health care gone to the dogs; it’s normal that you study hard and you can’t get a job; it’s normal that you can’t make your ends meet. That is what this ULP government want you to think.

“I want to tell you something. The government is behaving like an abuser and I am going to explain why,” Frederick said.

The senator said in 2001, when the current administration took office, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves started talking about “Together now” and it sounded good.

“But over the years, the licks that we been feeling as a people and the cussing, our noble civilization is now ‘chattering nabobs’. The ‘uneducated rump’, ‘dutty dogs’, ‘the dry head girl’ and, of course, me, ‘the snotty nose girl’. You remember that one?

“We getting cuss left, right and centre from a ULP government behaving like an abuser.

She said after cursing Vincentians, they turn around and say ‘We love you. Labour love’.

“You can’t feed your children, but they love you. You can’t pay your light bill, but they love you. They cut off your water because you are not regularly employed to pay the bill, but they love you. Well ah tell you, if that is labour love, I have a question for them, DJ,”

Frederick’s said as the event’s DJ played Jamaican reggae artiste Junior Kelly’s song, ‘If love so nice’.

She also made an appeal to the women of the country.

“…Ladies, listen to this. Unemployment going down the drain, but hear what they telling you. Come see, come talk to me, let’s see what we could work out. Let me see if ah could run something… I have heard the stories of early morning meetings in high offices where things happen to women.

“Ah want to say to you young women out there, it is not acceptable. It is not normal. It is not desirable for a boss of any business, whether it is a country or a country store that they running, to ask you to compromise yourself, your values, your principles, to exchange sexual favours for employment or opportunity….

“That is not acceptable. That is not love, that is abuse… This government is behaving like an abuser, not just of the people, but also of the women,” a fiery Frederick told supporters, as Singing Sandra’s ‘Die with my dignity’ was played.

Frederick said for the last two years, the NDP has been calling on the government to announce the date for the elections, but like “cowards and abusers”, “they can’t bring the date because they know that we, the men and women of SVG, who have taken enough of the abuse of the ULP government, will mark our ‘X’ firmly for the key. They know we going to get rid of them,” she stated.