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Petersville School celebrates 50 years

Petersville School celebrates 50 years


The Petersville Primary School, the private institution owned and operated by Roslyn Peters, is the first locally run private primary school to remain in existence for 50 years.

On Monday, the school which caters to children ages four to 11, marked its 50th anniversary with a march and church service.{{more}}

The church service was held at the St George’s Cathedral in Kingstown and saw current and past students, along with parents and well-wishers, coming together to celebrate.

Past student Paul Duncan, who is a theology major, spoke at the ceremony and stressed that Peters and her teachers have made a huge effort and investment for the nation’s children.

He said that he is certain that the school that moulded him will be around for another 50 years and beyond. Duncan, on Wednesday, distributed gift bags to all the students.

Headteacher Roslyn Peters also addressed the audience. Describing the 50th anniversary as a “momentous” occasion, she said the school was founded by her mother, Edna Peters, and has catered to the needs of many children who have gone on to make huge contributions to the communities, whether (local or abroad) in which they chose to live.

The school marked its anniversary with a week of activities that included a games evening yesterday Thursday, October 8, while the activities come to an end tomorrow, Saturday, October 10, with a fair at the school compound in Kingstown Park.(LC)