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CW Architects technical school opens in Chateaubelair

CW Architects technical school opens in Chateaubelair


A local architect has ensured that his name will go down in the history books of St Vincent and the Grenadines by opening the first technical training school that focuses on the building and construction trade.

Last Saturday, October 3, Carver Williams officially opened the CW Architects Hands-On Training School in Chateaubelair.{{more}}

Williams, a 43-year veteran within the industry, said that he decided to establish the technical school because he believes that there is a lack of skilled, trained workers and tradesmen within the industry.

The technical school will provide training in elements such as basic Auto CAD usage, blueprint reading and hands-on application for the building/construction trade, among others.

“This training centre here is only an introduction to the trade; there is still a long way to go,” said the institution’s founder.

During the opening of the facility, Williams spoke of his experiences working abroad within the architecture and construction field and insisted that the skills this school will provide students with would lay the foundation for them to work anywhere in the world.

“If the youths in Chateaubelair come on board and take these classes and get training, they will be able to find jobs anywhere in this world… this training is good. I am using the same methods and books used in any school or university.”

Williams also urged the young people of SVG to learn a trade, as these skills are always in demand.

Also attending the opening ceremony was Carlos James, the Unity Labour Party (ULP) candidate for North Leeward.

“I’m very happy and excited that we have something of this nature in North Leeward,” enthused James.

“I believe that it is the first of its kind, and no doubt we are hoping to see a lot more off-shoot institutions like this in North Leeward.”

James further explained that one of the plans the ULP foresees for the constituency is the opening of a vocational school, which he hopes can be linked with the recently opened technical training school.

Speaking to Williams, James said: “I’m glad that you took the initiative and jumped the gun on some of the plans that the Government and myself would have for North Leeward in terms of vocational training.”

He also described Williams as a “hard-working” man, who has brought the training that he received abroad back to St Vincent and the Grenadines to contribute to nation building.

“I want to personally commend and thank him for that!”

Williams also thanked all the business places, family and friends who supported him in this venture – both in terms of finance and support.

In a previous interview with SEARCHLIGHT (Friday, June 26, 2015), the architecture veteran said that the facility will be a non-profit entity, with free classes. Students will only have to pay a registration fee and a nominal subscription to cover use of electricity and paper.(JSV)