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SVGTU president pledges union’s support for NOBA

SVGTU president pledges union’s support for NOBA


The President of St Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers Union (SVGTU) has pledged his union’s solidarity with the National Omnibus Association (NOBA) in their plans to take industrial action.

“We want to pledge our solidarity to you at this time in this area. We cannot win the battle if we are not together,” Oswald Robinson said at a meeting of NOBA last Sunday, at the Haddon Hotel.{{more}}

Robinson also asked the members of NOBA to be in solidarity with the SVGTU, as they put their plan to take industrial action into motion.

He said he is of the opinion that if both organizations come together they can bring the authorities to their feet.

“If you would be in solidarity with us, we would really appreciate that, because we have to ensure that those who are trying to undermine what we are doing, that they cannot get to work,” Robinson declared.

Additionally, Robinson offered to speak on NOBA’s behalf, if necessary, as a sign of their support to the cause of the association.

The SVGTU head stated that the union is looking at areas where both organizations can work together and utilize each other’s strengths in their fight for their respective organization’s demands.

Additionally, he indicated that members of NOBA can use the union’s resources for their own personal development whether it be furthering their studies or learning basic customer service skills.

“Even if you want to consider online studies at university, we have that facility that we could get someone to come and talk with you free of charge… most of the time people look at you and you driving a van and they think down, but you are a significant part of the society and we really appreciate the efforts that you have been making in terms of nation building,” Robinson disclosed to the attendees.

He gave the members of NOBA in attendance the background to the demands by members of public sector unions for one month’s tax free salary in lieu of salary increases for the past few years.

He explained that the motion to turn the request into a demand came after a meeting with members, who gave them the mandate to take the necessary steps to get the one-month tax free proposal.

“The members passed a resolution and gave the union a mandate to do all that is necessary to bring national, regional and international attention to demand this one-off increase.” he stated.

Robinson reiterated that the demand for the proposal is not politically motivated, but the union is making the demand so that teachers can have what he believes is rightfully theirs.

Last Sunday’s meeting of NOBA was also attended by public relations officer of the SVGTU Wendy Bynoe and president of the public service union Elroy Boucher. (CM)