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Rockies man survives gun attack

Rockies man survives  gun attack


Dexter Rodney, the 25-year-old resident of Rockies who was shot last week in Kingstown, said he almost lost his life because of false information given to his attacker.

The mechanic/construction worker sustained three gunshot wounds to his left hand and abdomen, shortly after midday on Thursday, October 1, while making his way out of ‘The Plant Shop,{{more}} a popular hang-out spot on Lower Bay Street.

“Last week Thursday, when I was coming out of the shop, this guy approached me and told me that he heard I was paid to kill him. I stood back one footstep away from him and ask him what is the real scene between he and me.

“He then just step back, pull his gun and beat three shot after me. Two go in me stomach and one catch me on my left arm. When he see me ah drop, he run off. No mask, no nothing,” Rodney told SEARCHLIGHT yesterday, from his bed at the male surgical ward at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH).

According to Rodney, he knows his attacker and says what he (the attacker) is alleged to have heard about an arrangement involving him is false.

“Me and he does reason and thing. Not no big set of friend. I ain’t have nothing against him. I don’t know what he has in his mind against me,” Rodney said.

Rodney who has tubes running from his right side and left leg and said he has no sensation in his lower extremities.

“I have a bullet inside of me rubbing on my right lung and that is the condition I am in now. The second bullet come up under my spine and I can’t even move my legs. I could only move my upper body,” the young man, who appeared to be in high spirits, said.

Rodney was expected to undergo further tests yesterday and surgery today.

When contacted yesterday, Superintendent Ruth Jacobs said there has been no arrest in the matter and investigations are continuing. (KW)