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Pastors, don’t take political sides – Pastor Carter

Pastors, don’t take political sides – Pastor Carter


As Vincentians await the announcement of the date for the next general elections, one pastor has made a call for church leaders to desist from making their political affiliation publicly known.

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT earlier this week, pastor Wade Carter says while he sees no problem with Christians being engaged in political activities, he reminded church leaders and Christians that what they should make public is their affiliation to God.{{more}}

“When we make it known which party we are aligned with as Christian leaders, for me, it creates the occasion for the church that we lead to become divided, because of the nature of our politics,” Carter said.

According to the church leader, what is needed is for Christians to run as candidates, so that they would become part of the policy makers of the country, so that there could be a Christian bearing at that level.

“I just think it’s rather unwise for Christian leaders — except they are going to leave the ministry and get involved at that level — to, while leading in the church, let it be known that they supporting one party or the other. To me, that is unwise,” he said, adding that he knows some persons will disagree with him.

Carter, who is chair of the National Day of Prayer Committee, said church leaders and Christians must know their party is the church and Christ is the leader.

“If your church is having a function, you don’t want to leave your church activity to run behind the politicians with some activity they are having. You need to give allegiance to Christ and your church.

“…So, in the supporting of their party, as in anything else they do in life, they are to make sure their first allegiance is to Christ and that whatever they do brings honour to him,” Carter stated.

If persons seek to do that as Christians, Carter said, the political divide would not be as great as it is today.

He also called on political leaders to be more responsible.

“From my observation and perspective, political leaders give the public the view that they are real die-hard enemies. I don’t think that is true. I think these guys are friends and buddies in some cases and I think it is wrong when publicly, for political advantage, they give the public the sense that they are not friends.

“That literally causes families to become divided and I think that is something political leaders need to be aware of and be a little more responsible, I think,” he said.

Carter further appealed to the general public not to allow any political parties to divide them, as they are all God’s people.

“At the end of the day, whichever party gets into power, we have to live together. We have to work together to build the country and we can’t do that if we are divided.

“It is okay to have your party and have a vigorous campaign, but let us try and be civil to each other. Let’s respect each other and do things in a way that doesn’t hurt and would have repercussions later on after elections and makes it difficult for us to live together,” Carter added.

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves has told Vincentians that they will go to the polls to elect a new government before the end of the year.(KW)