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NDP knows it will lose elections – PM Gonsalves

NDP knows it will lose elections – PM Gonsalves


The New Democratic Party (NDP) knows that it will lose in the upcoming general elections, so this is why it has resorted to underhand tactics against the Unity Labour Party (ULP).

This, according to Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, during his address last Sunday at the ULP’s rally in Diamond Village.{{more}}

“The NDP has gotten quite desperate,” asserted Gonsalves. “They realize that they are going to lose these elections quite badly, so what they are doing is just cussing everybody!”

Gonsalves said that with this realization, the NDP’s tactic now is to “demonize” him and the other ULP candidates by attacking their characters and past actions.

“St Vincent and the Grenadines is too small to demonize me, because people know the Comrade… you can’t come to Diamond and tell people anything against Ralph!”

He added: “I just want to bring to you the foolishness they getting on with… They are being stupid and desperate. That is why they are behaving like that!”

The Prime Minister spoke briefly about the developmental plans that his administration has in store to advance tourism, health care and energy/fuel consumption, among others, in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

“You want plans? Ask Ralph!”

He also beseeched his audience to vote for the ULP for a fourth term, because it has achieved more than the New Democratic Party did when it was in government, and champions the development of the entire nation – not just some.

“A poor man who call heself an NDP man doesn’t love himself because NDP policy is against poor people!”

The PM criticized Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace and the rest of the NDP, asserting that they lack the vision and ideas to develop St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Describing the NDP as a “confused” political party, Gonsalves said that its candidates are “dull and boring”, incapable of good leadership or too arrogant with no actions to back it up.

He also questioned whether Eustace can function effectively as a Prime Minister, even if he was voted into power.

“Anybody really seriously thinks that Eustace could go and represent us all over the world and bring back resources the way the Comrade bring back money to help develop St Vincent and the Grenadines?”

Additionally, Gonsalves extolled the qualities that ULP candidates possess that make them well-suited to represent the various constituencies. In comparison, he pointed out that the NDP candidates are all talk, no action.

“All the time they telling you how bright they are, but there are two types of brightness – brightness which blinds and brightness which illuminates.”

Gonsalves insisted that the ULP is the latter type of “brightness” – which “clears the pathway and provides directions for people”.

“You can’t keep Labour down!”

Describing the Opposition Leader as “a loser”, the Prime Minister asserted: “I beat him when he was prime minister, and I beat him two times when he was Leader of the Opposition… and he think he could beat the Comrade? He dreaming!” (JSV)