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‘Just give me one chance’ – Exeter

‘Just give me one chance’ – Exeter


Ben Exeter, the New Democratic Party’s (NDP) candidate for Central Leeward, has pleaded with the people of that constituency to place their faith in him and give him a chance.

“Just give me one chance, because I know when you give me one chance, I am not going anywhere… Let me be your voice. Let me represent you. And I give you my solemn promise that I wouldn’t disappoint you…{{more}}} I love my constituency,” Exeter said.

He further called on party supporters to help him to beat Sir Louis Straker, the candidate for the Unity Labour Party (ULP), who is also known as ‘The Terminator’.

“For those of you who have seen the movie ‘The Terminator’. You remember what happened in the end? He was squashed, so Central Leeward, I am imploring you today to join me on election day and squash The Terminator,” Exeter said to cheering supporters.

The NDP hopeful said for too long the ULP administration has done nothing for Central Leeward.

“We are living in sad times in Central Leeward. We are living in a neglected constituency…. For far too long, you’ve been giving and getting nothing in return. I can tell you this without any reservations, all is not well in Central Leeward,” Exeter told party supporters at a rally held at the Keartons hard court last Saturday.

Exeter, who will be contesting the seat for the first time, said he sees the looks on children’s faces when he does his walk around in the constituency.

“I feel the frustrations of the parents who can’t fend for the children, who can’t provide for them, who can’t clothe them properly. I feel for those parents, because I know if the opportunity was there, they will do the right thing by providing for the children and the family,” he said.

Exeter said an NDP government will ensure that at least one person in each household will have meaningful employment to help to support their families.

He also pledged the NDP’s support in assisting farmers.

“We will help the farmers get back to the land. We will help you with replanting. We will help you to make sure whatever diseases that exist right now in the farming community will be eradicated. That is the pledge we make to you tonight…”

He said they will repair feeder roads that take farmers to their lands.

“What this does, this allows you to bring the produce from the field to the road area for quick transportation to market.”

Exeter also described as appalling, the conditions of the roads in the constituency, stating that when one thinks about the conditions of the roads, “You have to really say, what have we done in Central Leeward to be so neglected? What have we done?”

“We don’t have roads. We have potholes the size of craters. But you know what, we will fix and change those conditions when we get into office. Our main job is improve the life of all Vincentians, not because you tote a particular party card.”

Exeter also made mention of the fishing complex in Barrouallie, which he says has been neglected by the ruling ULP administration.

He said under an NDP administration, fishermen will be assisted by a new development bank, so that they can purchase trawlers and start their own businesses.

“So, instead of you catching the bait for foreign trawlers, you catch the bait for our trawlers and our trawlers will in turn catch large prize fish for export market and we do not have to wait for a new international airport to export.”

He said the fish can be exported on Amerijet which flies to North America every Tuesday.

“We need to see a change in Central Leeward and a change in government, a change in leadership. We will bring new ideas that will help Central Leeward go forward… When I am elected as representative for Central Leeward, I will make sure I take care of you.

“That is my pledge to you this evening,” Exeter declared.

The ULP has held the Central Leeward seat since 1994, with Straker representing the constituency up until 2010, before bowing out ahead of the general elections that year.(KW)