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Gonsalves hoping to have diplomatic relations with India


Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves has just returned from the annual gathering of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, where he took part in 20 bilateral meetings and dozens of other interactions with world leaders, geared towards the benefit of this country.{{more}}

Speaking to members of the media on Monday at Cabinet Room, the PM, known for his aggressive approach towards seeking aid from larger countries, said that he met with leaders and high-ranking officials of countries like the United Kingdom, India, Mexico, Georgia, Sweden, Netherlands and Italy, among others.

Gonsalves, who attended meetings from Thursday, September 24 and returned here October 1, said that discussions included talks on sports, scholarships, climate change, reparations, education, investment, this country’s quest for a seat on the UN Security Council and other global issues affecting our multi-island state.

He said that he is hoping to have diplomatic relations with India, as persons from India have made a tremendous contribution to our country as doctors and engineers, among other professions.

The PM also delivered the main address at the launch of the Small Island Developing States Docking Station (SIDS DOCK), an organization set up to deal with Climate Change in the region.

Gonsalves’ visit to the US also saw him addressing ending poverty and hunger in forums that had the attention of persons like Bill and Melinda Gates, Danny Glover and persons from organizations like Black Lives Matter and the Clinton Climate Initiative.

“There were over 20 events, quite a hectic period” said the Prime Minister.(LC)