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Truck drivers urged to exercise necessary precautions on road


In the wake of a vehicular accident at Gordon Yard last Sunday, which resulted in the amputation of one woman’s leg, a senior police officer is imploring truck drivers to exercise all necessary precautions on the road.{{more}}

“What happened over the weekend is unfortunate. While the matter is still being investigated, we want to urge persons to be extra careful on the roads, especially during this election period,” head of Traffic Department Superintendent Kenneth John told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday.

According to reports, on September 26, a truck carrying passengers to a rally of the New Democratic Party (NDP) at Chateaubelair overturned, resulting in most of the passengers sustaining minor injuries.

According to John, truck operators desirous of carrying passengers in the back of their vehicles must first seek permission from the Commissioner of Police.

He said most truck operators apply for permission, mostly for their workers to travel on the back of their vehicles.

John pointed to section 16 of the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act, which he says outlines what one should do to get permission.

“If the Commissioner grants the permission, he will specify the condition in which you should carry the person. The person should be seated properly, the vehicle must be insured, it must be road worthy and we expect the driver to drive with due care and attention at all times,” John said.

If the operator fails to adhere to the Commissioner’s conditions, the permit issued to the truck operator can be revoked.

“We are appealing to persons who would be using these trucks, let the persons riding at the back sit flat in a safe area and they must not try to carry more than the truck’s capacity,” John said.

Commissioner of Police Michael Charles, when contacted, also warned persons not to overload their trucks and exercise caution on the road at all times.

“People have to be careful. If persons are riding to the back of the truck, they must be seated at all times. We have to be extremely careful,” Charles said.

Asked if the same rules apply to police officers who are often seen riding at the back of police vehicles, Charles answered in the affirmative, adding while some police officers “overdo it”, they are given permission to ride at the back.