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National Day of Prayer rally

National Day of Prayer rally


Hundreds of Vincentians are expected to gather in worship at Heritage Square on Monday, October 5, for the ninth annual National Day of Prayer rally.

Pastor Wade Carter, chair of the National Day of Prayer Committee said while prayer is needed every day, there’s always the need to set aside one day where persons can pray as a nation.{{more}}

“It’s a day where we can call our people to recognize their need for God and deliberately take some time to demonstrate their dependency upon him by going to him in prayer,” Carter said.

From 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., churches across the country have been asked to open their doors to allow persons to spend time within God’s sanctuary. Also, during the day, prayer will be promoted within the various institutions throughout the country, especially schools.

“We are trusting that during their devotional period, the school would take a significant chunk of time to pray. If they need anybody to come in, we would arrange for pastors to go in and assist them with that. We are just asking persons to spend at least 15 minutes to commit themselves to God,” Carter said.

The day’s activities will culminate at Heritage Square, with a rally from 3 p.m. The first hour of the rally will be dedicated to children and youth and will conclude with prayer for the nation.

The rally is expected to be attended by the leaders of all the political parties, and religious leaders, among others.(KW)