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No word yet on postponement of SVGCA AGM – Ipa

No word yet on postponement of SVGCA AGM – Ipa


There is no word yet if the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the SVG Calypsonians Association (SVGCA) will be postponed, as has been requested by three calypso tents.

The meeting has been slated for tomorrow, Saturday, September 26, but according to Grantley ‘Ipa’ Constance of the OnTour calypso tent, up to press time, no response had been received from the SVGCA.{{more}}

“We haven’t heard any redress from the president to call it off. We are the majority, so if we ask for a postponement, they have to grant us that,” Constance told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday night.

He is of the view that the meeting should be put off to a later date, so as to allow OnTour and other calypso tents to “sort out” themselves.

“The other tents signed on that the meeting should be put to another time, because we want sufficient time get nominees and so forth. The way how the meeting was called arbitrarily, it doesn’t sit well with us,” he added.

Constance, along Glenroy Delpesche of the Graduates calypso tent and John Dougan of the Dynamites calypso tent, in a release issued earlier this week, said the AGM was called by the president without consultation with most of the executive of the association.

They are also contending that no notification was given to the tents about the AGM and that members of the association only heard of the AGM through the media.

The representatives have said if the meeting is held it would be “unconstitutional and wrong”.

A release from the SVGCA dated September 17, 2015, states the meeting will be held at the UWI School of Continuing Studies, commencing at 10 a.m. tomorrow.

Several attempts to reach Anne Miller, president of the SVGCA, for comment proved futile. Calls to four mobile telephone numbers provided for her either went straight to voicemail, or returned messages that the number was not in service. (KW)