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Lawyers told to uphold law, honour God

Lawyers told to uphold law, honour God


Members of the legal fraternity have been urged to uphold the law, not only legally, but also at a level that is pleasing to God.

Methodist minister Adolf Davis made the exhortation while delivering the sermon at the ecumenical service to mark the beginning of the law term at the Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Assumption on September 17.{{more}}

Davis said we are living in a time where all persons care about is getting a favourable ruling and will persist in getting that ruling in ways that are less than noble.

He reminded the congregation that there is much which can be legal, but does not honour God.

The text for Davis’s message was taken from the Gospel of Luke. The passage illustrated that justice should not be something that is done to “get someone off your back and to clear your conscience,” but because it is right and just and honours God.

“Is justice only in the judgement or is justice implicated in the means for judgement…is something right simply because the outcome is right, or is there rightness in the means towards the outcome?” Davis questioned.

He urged lawyers to question whether their practice of law takes cognisance of their accountability to God.

Davis asked if at the end of the day they could stand and say that they have honoured God and have a clear conscience after their delivery of the law.

“Do we practise law as if law is the primal authority and court of accountability, or is there a sense in which our practice of law is cognisant that there is a higher power that we must give recognition and we must give account too,” he sermonized.

Following the church service, judges, magistrates, lawyers and members of the police force marched to the High Court, where a special sitting of the house was held.

Justice Kathy Ann Waterman Latchoo accepted a special salute from the guard, following which there was an inspection of the Guard of Honour. (CM)