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Gonsalves gives reasons why ULP should remain in office

Gonsalves gives reasons why ULP should remain in office


Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves has outlined seven reasons why the electorate should vote to keep the Unity Labour Party (ULP) in government.

Speaking at a rally in Redemption Sharpes recently, Gonsalves, who is political leader of the ULP, said he chose the number seven, since it is a “perfect, complete number.”{{more}}

According to the Prime Minister, the first reason why his party should be re-elected is its vision, philosophy, policies and programmes, in economics, education, health, social infrastructure and foreign policy, among others.

“We have a compelling set of narratives and a set of plans,” Gonsalves told party supporters.

He said the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) failed on that reason when Arnhim Eustace, party leader, responded “Ask Ralph” to a question about his party’s economic plan for the country over the next five to 15 years at a town hall meeting in New York, in May, 2015.

The Prime Minister displayed to the gathering, the SVG National Economic and Social Development Plan – 2015 to 2025, which, he said, contains the ULP’s plan.

Gonsalves said when he steps down as leader of the party in 2020, there will still be a “road map” to help other party members who take over from him.

He listed the Government’s achievements as his second reason, which he described as “extra-ordinary.”

The third reason to return his party is the current work that the ULP has been doing and for the fourth, their plans for the future, which, he said, include reaffirming their faith in God and coupling faith with reason for their plans for the future.

Gonsalves gave as the fifth reason, ULP’s “quality” list of candidates.

Leadership was reason number six.

Expounding on that point, Gonsalves said he is the only politician who has participated as a candidate in every single election since Independence in 1979. He said October 16, 2015 will mark his 47th year as a political activist.

“Like Daniel, I have been trained in the language and the literature of the world. And I have been trained in economics and government and philosophy and administration; and law and literature and I have been reading a lot of theology to ovas more and more the words of Almighty God,” Gonsalves said.

The Prime Minister said he is not telling persons to re-elect him as prime minister for a fourth consecutive term because he has been trained in a specific area.

“I am saying that I have a trained mind, in which I marry faith and reason. And I analyze things in a scientific manner, taking account of all the facts and circumstances and take advice where necessary and desirable from experts and apply my heart to wisdom and come to conclusions, linking reason and faith,” he said.

Gonsalves listed love as his final reason.

“I am giving you the seven reasons. You can turn that left, right, upside down, those are the reasons. They are cogent and that is how I come to you and tell you to give us another five years.

“Last time, you gave me eight out of 15 [seats]. They can’t take any of those eight from us. They lock up like the Rock of Gibraltar. So, the question is not whether we going to be in government. But hear me now, over the last five years, because there were just eight, you put extra strain on me, you hear me? I want for the next five years for you to give me more soldiers, more comrades-at-arms to carry the weight and to prepare the transition,” Gonsalves stated.(KW)