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Father claims visitation rights are being violated


A call is being made for the Family Court to be a bit more considerate in how they deal with fathers who appear before them.

One man, who says he is not pleased with the manner in which he was treated by the Court, visited SEARCHLIGHT earlier this week to tell his tale of woe.{{more}}

The man, in his twenties, who asked not to be identified, said he does not think he is getting the help he needs from the Court.

“I feel like I getting treat unfairly,” the distraught man said.

According to the man, after a paternity test confirmed that he had fathered a baby with a young woman, he was ordered by the Court to pay $150 monthly, in addition to providing disposable diapers, baby cereal and milk every two weeks for the baby.

“This girl like she want me to bring milk and pampers to her every week,” he said, referring to his child’s mother.

“I totally taking care of the child all by myself.”

He said his frustration comes from a ruling of the Court, which only allows him to visit the child from 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays.

“…and I told the magistrate that it is unfair, it’s totally unfair for her to have my child whole week and I only getting the child half past two to four and I am paying all this money.”

Additionally, he disclosed that his visting rights are being violated by the mother and he has made numerous complaints at the police station about her violations.

“They ignoring me; is like every time I go in, they not paying attention to what I am saying, so the girl now is doing as she please; sometimes I don’t even get the child.

“I don’t understand why the Court have this girl doing as she please,” the man said in frustration.

The father said in his opinion, the mother should be charged or arrested for violation of the Court order, because if he does not pay the maintenance money, he would be arrested and charged.

He, however, said he would be seeking the assistance of legal counsel for any future appearances before the Court. (CM)