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Probe launched into ‘sex video’ making rounds on social media


Investigations have been launched into a video that has been circulating on social media showing a group of young people, some believed to be school students, having sex.{{more}}

In a post made on Facebook on Thursday, the Minister of National Mobilization, Social Development, Family, Gender Affairs, Persons with Disabilities and Youth condemned the posting of the video on social media.

“I want to condemn the video posting on Social Media yesterday relating to some secondary school girls engaging in activities that for them they should not be involved in.

“The matter has since been reported to the police and investigations are ongoing. I would hope that the police will do a thorough investigation into the matter so the perpetrators can be brought to justice,” Frederick Augustus Stevenson wrote.

It is not clear when the video was filmed, but it shows at least six young people (three girls and three boys) in what appears to be a bedroom, filming and engaging in sexual intercourse.

Two of the girls were clad in the uniforms of two local secondary schools.

In the 2 minute 50 second video, one of the girls appears to do the filming while another girl, dressed in school uniform, engaged in sexual intercourse on the floor with two of the boys. A female voice could be heard issuing instructions to the girl who was having sex.

While the female and two males were engaged in sexual intercourse, a third naked male jumped up and down on the bed. It is not clear if the three males were students.

In Stevenson’s post, he said he has spoken to young people time and time again about such issues.

“Our parents too must counsel the children. The schools, the churches, all related ministries, NGOs, and CBOs too, must get involved in these discussions.

“I know the parents and close friends and relatives are in tears at this moment when they reflect on this very worthless video. Let’s work together to save our nation’s children,” he stated.

“… I am saddened when I see these types of things. It hurts to the core. Government spends millions of dollars on education. Our young people need to be more careful as to the kinds of activities they get involved in and the kinds of companies they keep…”