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‘If I promise you something, I am going to deliver it’ – Phillips

‘If I promise you something, I am going to deliver it’ – Phillips


Former Chair of the Housing and Land Development Corporation (HLDC) Berisford Phillips revealed that he often went to the washroom to cry when he heard stories of hardship from persons who came to him asking for assistance.

Despite this, Phillips, now the Unity Labour Party’s (ULP) candidate for Central Kingstown, said his former post at the HLDC provided him with the opportunity to assist many persons in the country – something he says he intends to continue when he is elected as the member of parliament{{more}} for the constituency.

“I recall many occasion when persons approached me for assistance. When they described to me the conditions under which they were living, I don’t cry very often and I don’t like people see me cry, so I will simply ask the person to excuse me for a few minutes. And I will go to the washroom and I will say ‘Lord have mercy’ and tears will flow from my eyes,” Phillips told party supporters at a rally in Redemption Sharpes on Sunday night.

Phillips said under the Government’s housing programme, the ULP has built 94 houses in Green Hill and it was because of his intervention why a housing project is in that community.

Phillips also spoke about the ‘Lives to Live Programme’ – a programme geared towards helping disabled persons by building bathrooms and toilets inside their houses.

He said that all squatter settlements in the Central Kingstown must be regularized, particularly in Redemption Sharpes.

“In Trigger Ridge up there. We have a squatter settlement area and I know work is being done to have it regularized, but I want to accelerate the pace and to see if we can have it in time before the elections are held this year.

“I will consult my minister Montgomery Daniel on it and we will work together to ensure that the squatter settlement in Trigger Ridge is addressed and is regularized so that you, the people of Trigger Ridge, can have titles for your lands,” he said.

Phillips assured his supporters that they can expect more from him when he is elected to office and noted that the last time Central Kingstown had good representation was from Conrad Sayers, former area representative for the ULP.

“Since then, what sort of representative you have in this constituency? You are being subjected to all sort of insults…” Phillips said.

Phillips, in outlining further plans for the constituency, said he is committed to fixing the bad roads in Central Kingstown.

“I can’t guarantee you that all of it will be done at once. We have to be cognisant of the fact that they must get equitable distribution of the resources across the country, but I want my share up here. I want my share for Central,” he said.

Phillips said he will continue to ensure the construction of all the access roads in the upper and lower areas of Trigger Ridge.

He also mentioned the upgrading of the playing field in the area, which he said needs lights.

“I told persons that I will have discussions with the Prime Minister and the minister with responsibility for playing fields on this issue,” he said, adding that community needs at least two hard courts, especially for the netball and basketball players to develop.”

Phillips, who said that he is a man of his word, assured supporters that he will deliver on his promises.

“I want to say to you tonight that if I promise you something, I am going to deliver it. I am going to deliver to those of you who have your homes and have repairs. I will assist you.

“Those of you who are still not settled from Hurricane Tomas, I will assist you, but comrades, we need to be patient. Give me a little time. The same person you know over the years, is the same person today. I have not changed. And if I tell you I will do something for you, I will do it,” Phillips pleaded.

The businessman, on speaking of crime, said when he’s elected he will engage the citizens of the community, along with the law enforcement agencies, in discussions on the issue.(KW)