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CED to hold supervisory management techniques seminar


The Centre for Enterprise Development Inc (CED) will hold a seminar on Supervisory Management Techniques for the Private and Public Sector on November 10 and 11.{{more}}

A release from the CED said the seminar seeks to provide persons in supervisory positions and those aspiring to such positions with the essential skills and techniques that will help them to function effectively in their role as supervisors within their various organizations, thereby assisting them to excel in their career, while enabling the organization to achieve its goals and objectives.

The release said the course is designed to cater for managers and supervisors to harness their supervisory skills.

“We expect participants to leave this seminar knowing that as good supervisors their businesses rely on them heavily and thus they need to have certain skill sets to be efficient and effective,” says CED training coordinator Keisha Phillips.

“Hence, this seminar will help them to build their supervisory skills and competencies in time management, communicate effectively, motivate their employees, resolve workplace conflicts, prevent and address inappropriate workplace behaviour, appraising staff and much more.,” says Keisha Phillips, CED’s public relations officer.

The Supervisory Management Seminar will be conducted by business consultant Sylvia Williams-Gould and takes place at the NIS Training Room, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily.

Recently 25 persons completed a one-week seminar in CED’s Financial Management Module I: Introduction to Record keeping.

Persons interested in participating in the seminar on Supervisory Management Techniques for the Private and Public Sector can contact CED’s office for registration details.