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Trump doesn’t own land in SVG – PM

Trump doesn’t own land in SVG – PM


“To the best of my knowledge Donald Trump does not own property in St Vincent and the Grenadines…”

This was the Prime Minister’s reponse when questioned about alleged land ownership by US presidential campaigner Donald Trump, who has incurred much media backlash of late for the controversial{{more}} (and often derogatory) remarks he frequently makes.

Last Wednesday night, during an interactive radio call-in session hosted by the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC Radio), Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves briefly addressed the issue.

He explained that Trump had a business relationship with the developers in Canouan, who had built a golf course on the Grenadine island. The golf course hosted a tournament to which the American business mogul had lent his name.

He further noted that the developers had been seeking to re-engage Trump for the purpose of investing in other future projects. However, Trump no longer has ties with said developers/investors.

“Having said all that, there is nothing wrong for Donald Trump to own a piece of land in St Vincent and the Grenadines,” Gonsalves observed.

He emphasised, however, that if Trump does wish to acquire any portion of lands in SVG, he would have to go through the necessary channels like any other “alien” would have to.

Gonsalves noted that although several other countries have gotten rid of their “alien” landholding licence, he would not be seeking to remove that law at any time.

The call-in programme was also re-broadcast live on Star Radio and Garifuna Radio. (CM)