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NDP more equipped to lead SVG – Leacock

NDP more equipped to lead SVG – Leacock


The Parliamentary representative for Central Kingstown, St Clair Leacock, has asserted that the New Democratic Party (NDP) is better equipped to lead the nation than the current administration, and is on a mission to restore “decency,{{more}} dignity and pride.”

At the NDP’s political rally, held last Saturday, September 5, at the Redemption Sharpes playing field, the NDP vice-president called on supporters to vote for his party in the upcoming general elections for a better St Vincent and the Grenadines.

“I put it to you beyond the shadow of a doubt, every single one of us – man for man – represents a more equipped, competent and talented team to take St Vincent and the Grenadines out of the doldrums that it is in,” Leacock said.

He expressed displeasure at the lack of development in most of the constituencies, claiming that under the current administration development had “gone backward” – except for North Central Windward, (in particular Park Hill).

“We cannot have that anymore,” he said.

“Development is about people and… we must develop our country in the interest of the people, and not our personal self-interest.”

Leacock pointed out that the constituency which he represents is the only one in the country that does not have a health care facility to call its own, and once the NDP regains office that will be a priority of his.

“Sharpes and Central Kingstown must have its own polyclinic, “ he noted.

“I will work with my Prime Minister and my Minister of Finance, so we can search and find the funds to provide a proper health facility for our people in Central Kingstown and Redemption Sharpes.”

In his address, Leacock also spoke about lowering the cost of electricity and eliminating the fuel surcharge through geothermal energy; corruption within the Government; creating jobs; and health care for the elderly, among others.

Party leader and NDP president Arnhim Eustace, who also spoke at the rally, lamented what he referred to as “high levels of corruption” in SVG, promising that when the NDP wins the upcoming general elections, this will not be tolerated.

He said that “a whole climate has changed in the country; the government money is being used for all sorts of things that it should not be used for, and those who do that today will pay for it tomorrow.”

Eustace also stated his resolve in pressing forward with legal action with regard to his claims of suspicious activity in the transfer of constituents on the voters’ list.

“Together we must put an end to this corruption taking place in St Vincent and the Grenadines in relation to the voters’ list. I am calling on the supervisor of elections tonight to review those names we have sent to her already, because I am not waiting; we are not waiting. We will use the law to stop this – it is wrong.”

During his address at the rally, Eustace expressed dismay over the country’s unemployment rate, stating that improving the economy through job creation is his primary focus at present.

“Too many people in this country, young and old, are unemployed, but Beache [Sir Vincent] who [is] 84, he has a full-time job still – getting plenty more money.”

Roland ‘Patel’ Matthews, the Parliamentary representative for North Leeward, also gave remarks. He urged supporters, especially young persons, to register and ensure that they vote on elections day.

Matthews accused the current administration of having “no ideas” in regard to the development of the various sectors within St Vincent and the Grenadines, and insisted that the NDP is the “only hope” for the future.

“We are ready to take our country to the next level… this government has nothing more to offer.”

NDP candidate for East St George Linton Lewis and other named candidates of the

NDP also gave brief addresses. (JSV)