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WSGS records 70.2 per cent pass rate for CSEC

WSGS records 70.2 per cent pass rate for CSEC


The West St George Secondary School is celebrating the accomplishments of its students who sat the 2015 CSEC examinations.

“They worked extremely hard and tirelessly in a bid to secure their goals, amidst many obstacles. For some schools, achievement is a foregone conclusion, but for the students who reside at this school, for five or six or even seven years, anything achieved is fought for, tooth and nail.{{more}} This makes the victory, no matter how small, even sweeter,” a release from the school said.

“From the very first group of students who sat the CSEC examinations in 2009 to this year, our average has been climbing steadily. So too have the number of subject areas entered for and passed, as has the quality of the results. Our students are realizing more and more grade 1s in various subject areas. This year has been especially fruitful as students have achieved 3 and 4 grade one passes. Special mention must be made of Kerian Williams (9 subjects, including four grade ones), Waizero Johnson (8 subjects, including 3 grade ones), Iswell O’Brien, Zoran Cupid, Mililone Edwards, Shaakira Quashie, Rodika Webb (7 subjects). Congratulations also to the other 35 students who gained passes.

“The overall performance of the school has put us at 9th in the ranking of the 26 secondary schools in St Vincent and the Grenadines. The school’s overall percentage passes stands at 70.2 per cent. We are also fourth in the lineup of 13 schools obtaining between 60 per cent and 80 per cent. It is no wonder that students and parents continue to seek placement at our school.

“The teachers have been valiantly battling right alongside our students because we see the great potential within each of them. We become what they need most at any given time – parent, friend, counsellor, teacher, disciplinarian, and on and on. It is an extremely difficult but oh soo rewarding experience to take children entering our portals, some from the alphabetic stage to being successful at the CSEC examinations. “Congratulations to all of our teachers and our Principal, Ms Dianne Williams, who help to guide our students daily.

“We are indeed very proud of our students and their achievements and wish them all the best as they move on to the next stage of their lives,” the release said.