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Rubis hails collaboration with Searchlight a success

Rubis hails collaboration with Searchlight a success


The promotion that rewarded customers of Rubis with free copies of SEARCHLIGHT newspaper has been hailed a success.

“I am taking this opportunity to say thank you to SEARCHLIGHT for collaborating with us in making this promotion a success. The feedback from customers has been immensely positive and we do look forward to future joint ventures,” Elroy Edwards, retail, commercial and industrial account executive at Rubis, stated.{{more}}

He said his company is always looking for new and exciting ways to enhance the customer experience and say thank you.

“Whether it is in the form of a network promotion, customer appreciation, ‘Spin To Win It activity’ or newspaper promotion, which we just had.”

Edwards said his company recognizes that Vincentians have a choice of fuel suppliers, but have made the decision to make Rubis their number one.

Since July 21, all Rubis service stations have been giving free SEARCHLIGHT newspapers to the first 50 customers who purchase $50 or more worth of Ultra Tec fuel on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Some of the recent beneficiaries have expressed their pleasure at the gesture.

“I am very pleased with the service I get from Rubis and the gas works much better than other fuel. If I don’t buy my fuel at Questelles Service Station, I buy it at St Vincent Automotive Coop,” said Vaughn Edwards, a CWSA employee.

On her way to work, Monique James of Fair Hall was quite happy to receive a free newspaper from Rubis and SEARCHLIGHT.

She disclosed that SEARCHLIGHT is very enlightening and her favourite newspaper. She also said she is a very satisfied Rubis customer.

“I use no other fuel in my vehicle than Rubis. What I like about Rubis is the fuel, service and convenience of the stations,” said Janel Thomas of Clare Valley. who was also pleased to receive a free SEARCHLIGHT newspaper on her way to work.

Today is the last day of the promotion.