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Vincy Day USA committee spurred by annual event

Vincy Day USA committee spurred by annual event


The organizing committee of the annual Vincy Day USA is once more pleased with the outcome of the family fun day.

With the fourth edition staged last Saturday at the campgrounds of Heckscher State Park in Long Island, vice-chair of the committee Colin Liverpool expressed pleasure at the conduct of attendees, despite the large numbers.{{more}}

With an estimated attendance of over 10,000, Liverpool commented: “The New York State police continue to be amazed that despite increasing numbers over the past four years, there have been no incidents which the police have had to address.”

Expressing similar sentiments was public relations officer of the Vincy Day committee Ulric Jones Jr.

Writing on his Facebook page, Jones confessed, “My proudest moment though, was when they (police) again commented and seemed amazed and shocked at the conduct of our people….We gave them no work to do and for that we should be proud…. We are a unique people and we need to realize that.”

Credited for pushing the idea of hosting Vincy Day, Jones added: “Vincy Day USA is a continued and growing success because of the spirit of our people…We, as a people, have shown that we could come together as one people.”

Cataloguing the rise in the Vincy Day event, Jones recalled “… At our very first Vincy Day USA in 2012, the park personnel put our numbers at 2,700 people….The next year we went to 4,600….At the end of the event last year the police told me that we had just barely clipped 9,000.”

An official release from the committee stated: “Vincy Day USA, Inc. would like to express sincere thanks to the over 10,000 Vincentians and friends who celebrated the 4th annual Vincy Day at Heckscher State Park…. The day was a phenomenal success from the beautiful weather to the wonderful spirit of our people, coming together to peacefully fellowship”.(RT)