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Gonsalves outlines ULP plans for next elections, says … NDP has no vision

Gonsalves outlines ULP plans for next elections, says … NDP has no vision


While outlining his political party’s five-point strategy for the upcoming general elections, the Prime Minister has criticized the Opposition for having “no vision” in regard to the development of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Prime Minister {{more}}Dr Ralph Gonsalves took to the platform last Sunday, August 16, at a Unity Labour Party (ULP) rally held at Rabacca, explaining to supporters why they should give his administration a fourth term in office.

Gonsalves, describing himself as a man with conviction and the ULP as a “government that is always there,” said: “You have to have vision. Eustace has none, the NDP has none!”

The Prime Minister asserted that his party’s strategy will focus on the ULP’s vision, philosophy and policies; its achievements throughout three terms of holding office; its plans and policies for the future; the “quality” candidates who will represent the ULP in the elections; and the leadership of the party.

In relation to the ULP’s vision, Gonsalves promised that the party’s manifesto will be published shortly, and noted that the Government had published a 12-year development plan since October 2013, which includes economic and social development.

“In our manifesto, we elaborate many of those areas and put emphasis on certain ones to bring to your attention,” he explained.

In terms of this Government’s achievements, Gonsalves boasted that these are plentiful – spanning across the areas of improved living standards, poverty reduction, education revolution, health revolution, housing, roads and bridges, airport development, citizen security and rule of law, energy, youth and sports, the elderly, women and children, fiscal consolidation, financial/monetary sector stability, regional integration, and foreign policy, amongst others.

He elaborated: “When they [said] that Rabacca is impossible, we [said] it can be done and we did it. When they said the education revolution is impossible, we did it. When we say that we could build the Argyle International Airport, they say ‘no, it can’t happen.’ Leacock is now all of a sudden saying when he go out there, it’s like a miracle… all of a sudden the scales falling off of their eyes; they can see a little bit clearer now!”

Referring to plans and policies for the future, the Prime Minister also touched on the progress at the Argyle International Airport, mentioning that he has already been receiving reports of airlines which will be adding St Vincent and the Grenadines to the list of countries which they service.

He also spoke of the proposed re-development of the site at Arnos Vale where the ET Joshua Airport now stands.

“We have an investor from Trinidad who already wants 20 acres to come and put down a whole complex here.”

Additionally, he made mention of developments within the hotel/resort sector both in St Vincent and in the Grenadines; and the study that was carried out through World Bank funding to look at moving the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital from its current location in Lower Kingstown to Arnos Vale.

In speaking about the ULP’s candidate line-up, Gonsalves insisted that the party has an abundance of “quality” candidates, showcasing a balanced mixture of experience and youth.

And in terms of leadership, the Prime Minister insisted that the last poll conducted within the constituency of East Kingstown indicated that persons prefer him to Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace as the political leader of the country.

“Inside of the NDP, the members in the NDP don’t want Eustace to be Prime Minister… the last poll that we did in East Kingstown… the majority of the people who were polled said that they prefer Ralph to be Prime Minister than Eustace… I wasn’t ahead of him by two or three or four percentage points, you know. I was ahead of him in the leadership stakes, in his constituency, by 15 percentage points.”

Also addressing the rally on Sunday were Minister of Foreign Affairs and ULP candidate for East St George Camillo Gonsalves; Minister of Housing and Member of Parliament for North Windward Montgomery Daniel; Minister of Agriculture and Member of Parliament for South Central Windward Saboto Caesar; ULP candidate for West Kingstown Deborah Charles; and ULP Senator and candidate for South Leeward Jomo Thomas. (JSV)