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TIRL says NO to same sex marriage


The Thusian Institute for Religious Liberty Inc. in a release says it condemns the June 26 United States of America Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage which declared that the 50 states of the Union are required to grant Marriage Licenses to same-sex couples and that the states are required to recognize valid same-sex marriages from other states.{{more}}

“TIRL, which is a human rights education provider with special emphasis on the Right to Religious Liberty, asserts that the ruling is unconstitutional because the Supreme Court has no jurisdiction to write law from the bench for all 50 states. It is not the legislature. The ruling is also unconstitutional since the constitution of the United States does not define marriage. The Supreme Court should therefore reverse its decision and let the individual states decide.

“In addition to being unconstitutional, this anti-conscience ruling will embolden sodomites and pro-sodomite legislators to further persecute opponents of sodomy such as Christians and other conscientious persons….

“We at TIRL know that the homosexual activists continue to spread and establish their agenda worldwide by wanting to force countries and individuals into recognizing and accepting same-sex relations and ‘marriage’ as natural and legal. As a consequence of this, Caribbean countries, including St Vincent and the Grenadines will face increased pressure from international organizations to remove our buggery laws under the garb of ‘same-sex rights’ and ‘equality’, but we must be an indomitable people in our fight against sodomy, armed and conquering with the pure, holy, anti-sodomite principles of YHWH (God), the Great Legislator of the universe.

“TIRL affirms that all men were created equal by God and are endowed with inalienable rights and freedoms. Now take note that a right is a divinely required life-sustaining behavioural code of equality under law (Nyron Medina). As such, there must be no provision of ‘special rights’ for sodomites, since sodomy is not a right: It is not divinely required-It is a satanic idolatrous perversion. It is not life-sustaining since procreation by two persons of the same sex is impossible. It is not a behavioural code of equality under law since it threatens the Religious Liberty of Christians who criticise the evils of sodomy. We therefore call on our government to retain the buggery laws of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. We also encourage our government to resist any pressure by homosexual activists to create ‘special rights’ for any group of people through the legalization of sodomy.”