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Students with disabilities receive awards from Melanie McKenzie Scholarship Fund

Students with disabilities receive awards from Melanie McKenzie Scholarship Fund


Six students with disabilitiies have been presented with scholarships from the Melanie McKenzie Educational Scholarship Fund.

At the presentation ceremony on Tuesday, at the office of the National Society of Persons with Disabilities (NSPD), president of the society Patricia Cumberbatch said their aim is to help the children to develop to their fullest potential.{{more}}

Stressing that part of the mission of the NSPD is to educate, train and find employment for persons with disabilities, Cumberbatch said her organization looks at the capabilities of their students and how they can help to motivate them in any institution.

The six students awarded scholarships were Destiny Cuffy, Devin Richards, Phil Ollivierre, Rea Burke, Winston Frank and J’manie Findlay.

Cumberbatch, however, called on members of the public to provide additional assistance to Destiny Cuffy, as educating her is costly because of her severe disabilities.

“…we know Helping Hands caters for children with severe disabilities and we are hoping that other persons would come and work to assist to sponsor Destiny because she will need extra care at the Helping Hands Centre.”

The president also identified retired police officer Jonathan Nichols and lawyer Euchrista St Hillaire Bruce-Lyle as two individuals who have provided the society with tremendous support.

Nichols, in his remarks, encouraged others to come to the assitance of the society.

“… I thank the persons who would donate and contribute when they make their appeal and when they do their rallies and would like to encourage other persons, corporate sectors, business sectors, individuals … every little bit counts. Persons can get in touch with the society here and make a contribution. It will be worth your while and I can tell you that you will get that personal satisfaction, that peace of mind knowing that you doing what the Lord instruct us to do, which is to help those in need.”

Two of the parents expressed their gratitude on behalf of the recipients for the support they have been receiving.

Destiny Cuffy and Winston Frank attend the Helping Hands Centre; J’manie Findley and Rea Burke are from the Georgetown School for Special Needs; Phil Ollivierre is from the Bequia Sunshine School and Devin Cuffy, a student of the St Clair Dacon Secondary school.(JF)