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Rudy Matthias is CEO and Chair of IADC – Francis

Rudy Matthias is CEO and Chair of IADC – Francis


Dr Rudy Matthias is both the chief executive officer (CEO) and chair of the International Airport Development Company (IADC).

This clarification was made in Parliament on Tuesday by Senator Julian Francis, after Member of Parliament for Central Kingstown St Clair Leacock questioned the leadership and operations of the IADC, while debating a bill to authorize the Government to borrow an additional US$5 million for the construction of the Argyle international airport.{{more}}

Pointing out that corporations such as the IADC are usually run by a board of directors, Leacock said: “I have never ever heard the name of a chairman of the board called for the IADC. I have never ever heard the name of one single director or board member called…

“Who is your chairman? Who advises Rudy Matthias? Who does he report to? Who are the board members? When was the last financials produced for the Argyle international airport?”

Leacock further insisted: “In no part of St Vincent and the Grenadines, no part of the world could any single individual be signing off millions of dollars before any board, any government, any authority, any parliament, any House of Assembly and feeling that they can’t ask questions.”

Senator Francis, who is Minister of State in the Ministry of Transport and works rebutted Leacock’s assertions.

Explaining that Matthias holds the posts of chief executive officer at the IADC, as well as chair of the board of directors, Francis assured that the board meets on a regular basis and comprises “significant” members.

“Every decision that is taken is brought before the board and the board makes the decision,” he stated.

Francis also named several members of the board of directors, including national security adviser Sir Vincent Beache; permanent secretary in the ministry of national security Godfrey Pompey; director of special projects Dr Jerrol Thompson; general manager of the CWSA Garth Saunders; director general of finance and planning Maurice Edwards; chief engineer Brent Bailey and himself, among others.

“The Opposition knows everything about everything, but does absolutely nothing! There is nothing that can be done right by the Unity Labour Party where the NDP is concerned.”

During his presentation, Francis also said that he took “strong offence” to Leacock’s attempts to “ridicule” Rudy Matthias – something that Leacock denied doing.

Dr Godwin Friday, Opposition Member of Parliament for the Northern Grenadines, also criticized Matthias whilst speaking during Parliament last Tuesday.

“Dr Matthias has been wrong so many times! How can you rely on anything else that he says?” (JSV)