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More Rubis customers win free Searchlight newspaper

More Rubis customers win free Searchlight newspaper


There are three more weeks left in the promotion in which Rubis customers are being treated to free Midweek and Weekend editions of the SEARCHLIGHT newspaper with their purchase of Ultra Tec fuel.

The promotion, which is a joint effort of the two companies, began on July 21 at all Rubis service stations in St Vincent.{{more}}

Hundreds of drivers have already benefited from the promotion and last Tuesday, three of them expressed their satisfaction with the service at Rubis and the promotion.

“Rubis is my service station of choice and I only use Rubis Ultra Tec gasoline in my vehicles. I find when I use Rubis fuel, my vehicles drive smoother, the gas lasts longer and I get optimum performance. I am also very pleased with the service at Rubis service stations, as the staff is very helpful and friendly,” said Anthony Browne, owner of Fox Taxi and Rentals Services.

“I purchase all my fuel from Rubis. The gas is one of the best and it makes my vehicle run better. With Rubis fuel, I get more value for money value,” said Arthur Warrren of Lowmans Leeward, who added that he was happy to be receiving a free newspaper from Rubis and Searchlight.”

Dexter Lewis of Chauncey said, “I just like using Rubis’s fuel. I heard of the numerous benefits of the fuel and decided to try it and have been using it ever since. I am happy with Rubis products and services.”

All Rubis service stations in St Vincent will give the first 50 customers to purchase $50 or more worth of Utra Tec fuel a free SEARCHLIGHT with their purchase every Tuesday and Friday. The promotion will run until August 28.