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Food Sale precedes Vincy Day 2015

Food Sale precedes Vincy Day 2015


A food sale, which will be held tomorrow at David’s Bakery at 3405 Avenue H, between East 34th and 35th Streets, in Brooklyn, New York will serve as an appetizer for the main course – Vincy Day 2015.

Set for a 2 p.m. start, the food sale, according to organizers, will serve to build the hype for the big day, August 15.

Additionally, the Vincy Day Committee is using the food sale to raise much needed funds to offset costs of hosting the fourth edition of Vincy Day.{{more}}

Like last year, Vincy Day will be staged at the campground of Heckscher State Park in East Slip, Long Island.

And the Vincy Day Committee has put on notice persons with vehicles attending the function, who need to get the necessary parking permits prior to the event.

The cost of the permit is $5, applicable to all vehicles with under 15 seats. The permit must be displayed on entry to the park.

The permit is a separate requirement from the $10 fee as stipulated by the New York State Park.

In an effort for the process to flow smoothly, the committee has listed several outlets and individuals where the permits may be obtained.

Among them are KBB Shipping, Standard Shippers, Square Deal Shippers, Standard Shippers Caribbean, David’s Bakery, Pro Auto Solutions, Ethlyn’s Bakery, Garjo’s Auto Repair, the St Vincent and the Grenadines Consulate, Caribbean Spot, Straker’s Record World, Ralty’s, Laverne Mc Dowall, Desmarie Greenaway and Collin Liverpool.