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Man dies after altercation in Union Island

Man dies after altercation in Union Island


While police continue their investigations into the death of Allington Caine, his mother, Elizabeth Caine, is struggling to comprehend why her son was killed.

Allington, a 29-year-old security guard of Union Island, originally from Byera, was killed after he sustained a puncture wound to {{more}}his head, following an altercation with three men at Stick Bar, Union Island at about 5 a.m. on August 1 – Emancipation Day.

He was pronounced dead at the Union Island Health Centre.

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT yesterday, his distraught mother said Allington, who was her fifth child of 10 and fourth son, was known to be a very jovial person and was not known to have enemies.

“Allington would make jokes with everybody. He was always laughing. People really can’t believe this. Allington was like a brother to everybody.”

The Byera resident said she was at home when a relative informed her that someone from Union Island had telephoned and asked “If all yo get the news?”

“She tell me that the woman called and said she have something to tell her and it’s sad, but … the phone cut off.”

However, Caine said when she attempted to return the call, she could not do so, because service from her telecommunications provider Digicel was down.

“The system was down and we couldn’t get on to nobody. I went on the steps and my feet start to tremble and I just felt something had happened to one of my two sons I have over there (Union Island).”

Caine said she tried calling her sons’ phones, but that too proved futile.

She said while sitting on the steps, she looked down the road to her sister’s house and noticed something was not right.

“I see my sister daughter come out and put up her hand in the air and fanning her skin… the daughter came up by me and told me that Allington dead.

“Is like I didn’t even know myself again. I couldn’t believe it. I said it couldn’t be my Allington they were talking about,” she recounted.

She said it was not until she heard the loud crying of another relative that reality started to hit home that the news could be true.

“Everybody just been crying and everybody started coming and so on. I couldn’t even hold up myself. I am crying morning, noon and night. I just can’t sleep,” Caine said with a cracking voice.

She noted that her son went to live with his father in Union Island a few years ago and that he was the father of two young children.

Myrna Toney, a close family friend, said she is still devastated by the news of Caine’s death.

“It was hard for me to digest. He don’t interfere with nobody. This is really hard for the entire family, because it is hard to accept that he met his death in this manner.”

According to a release from the police, three male residents of Union Island are in custody assisting with the investigation into Allington’s death. Police say a post mortem examination is expected to be carried on the body today to ascertain the cause of death.

They are also asking anyone with information into Caine’s death to contact the officer in charge of the Criminal Investigations Department at telephone number 456-1810, the Union Island Police Station at 458-8229 or the nearest police station.